Update:- Competition Law and Google - The incessant game

Pursuant to an anonymous complaint, the CCI initiated a probe to monitor the abuse of dominance by Google over multiple facets including an allegation to prefer its product over others. The main allegation revolves around mandatory use of Google Play’s payment system for paid apps and in-app purchases and excluding other mobile wallets/UPI apps for such payments. Further, it has been alleged to generate profit by pre-installing Google Pay in devices.

However, it is not the first instance where Google has been inspected for its dominant behaviour. The first case emerged back in May when CCI had ruled against Google over the anti-competitive promotion of its payments app. In another instance, it was alleged that Google is collecting data on competing apps that are available to users as a part of the Play Store.

Many countries have initiated a probe against Google where it has been penalized for its activities. Recently, the EU fined Google around $10 billion for taking preferential treatment in search results. Furthermore, the DOJ of the USA has also sued Google for maintaining monopolies through anticompetitive and exclusionary practices in the search.

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