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  • We, at TCCLR welcome blog posts in the form of articles, opinion pieces and response to an existing post on the blog in the field of:

  1. Arbitration law

  2. Banking & Finance law

  3. Competition/Antitrust law

  4. Corporate law

  5. Insolvency & Bankruptcy law

  6. Investment Funds

  7. Labour & Employment law

  8. Regulatory & Securities law

  9. Taxation law

  • The scope of submissions is not limited solely to the jurisdiction of India and we encourage the submission of articles related to growth in other jurisdictions as well.

  • Submissions should necessarily be the original work of the contributor. Contributors, during the review process, shall endeavour in immediately making us aware of any kind of submission of their draft posts with other publishers.

  • Authors are advised to keep their articles concise and precise to enhance the effectiveness of their posts. The word limit should essentially range between 1000 – 1500 words.

  • Co-authorship is allowed up to two authors.

  • The content must be written in Times New Roman in font size 12 with a line spacing of 1.5.

  • Capitalized expressions used therein in the article shall be defined as (Defined Term). For example: Competition Commission of India (CCI). All such references to Sections, Regulations, Rules, etc. shall be capitalized as and wherever applicable.

  • Please avoid references to "Petitioner", "Appellant", "Defendant", "Respondent", "Informant" and likewise, and instead resort to the usage of the names of the Parties while discussing the case laws. 

  • Relevant sources should be hyperlinked by the author in the main text itself. Posts containing footnotes or end-notes shall not be considered.

  • All articles should include a title followed by sub-headings.

  • As a general rule, posts must be more than simply explanatory pieces. They should essentially include critical analysis.

  • Please note that we have a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism.

  • Upon publication of the article, the copyright of the blog post shall vest with TCCLR. Posts accepted for publication on TCCLR shall not be cross-posted to other platforms until the completion of one week of publication on TCCLR (cross-posting after this period of time is permissible so long as previous publication on the TCCLR is acknowledged). 

  • All submissions must be in Microsoft Word format (.doc/.docx) and shall be sent to

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